It helps companies and organizations make better decisions by revealing information that would otherwise have remained hidden

What are big data analysis?


They are significant informations on trends, correlations and patterns between large data sets of any origin, size and structure, which thanks to particular predictive models and statistical algorithms, are found almost instantaneously, compared to traditional business intelligence methods.


The amount of data available to companies and organizations is now exponentially growing, with the growth of artificial intelligence, social media and the Internet of Things that can count on a myriad of sensors and devices. Despite their large volume, however, they would be useless data if they could not be interrogated.

For this reason, the big data analytics model uses machine learning to examine text, statistics, and language to arrive at previously unknowable insights.

Indeed, all data sources can be “undermined” for forecast and value.

ByteInt and Big Data Analysis

At ByteInt we deal with big data analysis in various fields, from financial to marketing & sales, from logistics to environment and safety.