Defi, decentralised finance

We enter into the most disruptive change in the current financial system.

Thanks to DEFI, access to the main financial functions, such as loans, mortgages, negotiations, investments and risk management, is improved. Decentralized finance systems will also be critical for millions of people not yet served by banks.

DEFI, discover the Open Finance


DEFI systems are also known as Open Finance, because they are open and inclusive. Among their advantages over the current financial system are:


Greater efficiency, through automation and the use of smart contracts.

Elimination of intermediaries, which brings with it a high transparency and the reduction of the possibility of fraud.

Greater control over your funds, thanks to private keys.

Transactions performed over the network immutable and tamper-proof.

Synchronization between multiple decentralized applications, thanks to extreme interoperability.

ByteInt and the Decentralised Finance

At Byteint we have been dealing with DEFI since 2010 and we are at the forefront of developing new verticalities in the sector, due to our experience in blockchain protocols, cryptography, asset tokenization, portfolio integration and development of smart contracts.